Vigne Grape harvest festival the first half of October the "Clos Montmartre"
in the corner of the rue des Saules and rue Saint Vincent


The wine tradition of Montmartre back to the Gallo-Roman period.

On this site stood a tavern in the nineteenth century "Le Parc de la belleGabrielle" in memory of Gabrielle d'Estrées, the favorite of King Henry IV, who had a house nearby.

The vine is revived in 1933 on the former Square de la liberté through Francisque Poulbot (1879-1946, famous designer of the Butte's kids). He gave to them his name "Poulbots". In 1934, took place the first harvest "modern" in the presence of the French President of the Republic Albert Lebrun and under the sponsorship of Fernandel and Mistinguett


In 2007, the harvest was September 20. Celebrations of the 2006 vintage, called Brassens, took place on 12, 13 and 14 October 2007.
The singers Alain Bashung et Olivia Ruiz.were sponsors of this wine.

Georges Brassens died October 29, 1981 and 2006 vintage of Clos Montmartre, uncorked in 2007, reminds the 25th anniversary of his death. This is at Lapin Agile, the most famous cabaret of the Butte, founded in 1860, that he made ​​his debuts. Then he became famous in 1952 through Patachou and at Trois Baudets.

Vinified in the cellars under the town hall, this modest vintage is sold for the benefit of a charity in the district.

Maintained by the gardeners of the city of Paris, this small vineyard 1556 m2 of silica sand of Fontainebleau resting on green clays and marls with oysters, and which was planted in 1762 have feet Gamay (75%), Pinot Noir (20%) and varieties from different regions. For example, there have been a production of 800 bottles of 50 cl.en 2002.

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